Pastor Leo's Testimony

Pastor Leo Giovinetti may have had more than his share of Flying Pepperonis - those "you'd-never-believe-me-if-I-told-you" circumstances which get in the way of serving Jesus - but he's never let that stop him. A former Las Vegas, Reno, and Tahoe entertainer, Pastor Leo is bigger than life. Yet, at the same time, his favorite thing to do is sit down, one on one, and tell someone about Jesus. He's totally committed to reaching the world for Jesus. He's a down-to-earth teacher whose animated style brings the gospel to life in a vibrant and exciting way. He can even make Leviticus interesting.

Pastor Leo was a child music prodigy who grew up surfing the beaches of Southern California. He went on to a successful career playing Boogie-Woogie music, and, after being saved, began playing all over the world for Jesus. And on any given Sunday, he might just put on his old Worship Leader's hat and lead the congregation in a rockin' rendition of a Christian classic.

All that being said, the best way to describe Pastor Leo is that he's a regular guy, just like you and me. He's been married to his wife Sandra for more than 35 years, has three children, nine grandchildren, and one dog. He lives in a regular house, drives to work in rush-hour traffic, and pumps his own gas. Maybe the only difference is that he really does read his Bible for at least an hour every day. This isn't time spent preparing for Sunday sermons, or researching a scriptural topic. It's quiet-time spent with The Lord. You see, Pastor Leo's in love with Jesus and he's truly passionate about the Bible. And if you get nothing else from his messages, but you start reading your Bible every day, he'll rejoice because you'll be spending time with Jesus - and you'll draw closer to God.